• September 2020: our work is the cover story of Pour la Science, the French edition of Scientific American
  • March 2020: Damien Querlioz was interviewed by Techniques de l’Ingénieur
  • November 2019: our work is featured on the cover of the French magazine Industrie & Technologies
  • February 2019: Watch Integnano’s PhD candidate Axel Laborieux  contribute to the efforts done at Paris Saclay to let children and teens experience science (Audio in French).’

His work is conducted in the framework of the ‘Maison d’Initiation et de Sensibilisation aux Sciences (MISS)‘. In his words:

‘In parallel to my PhD work I am involved in a program aimed at raising scientific awareness among children and teenagers from 8 to 15 years old. Once per week, I go to the dedicated building of the MISS and supervise a small group of 6 pupils during practicals about either Boat science, computer programming (using Scratch software) or Energy production. These subjects are the ones I teach but the spectrum of covered topics is wider (see MISS website) ranging from History of numbers to Molecular cooking !

A challenging feature of this program is the need to adapt ones vocabulary to an audience with little scientific background. What I especially enjoy is witnessing how young minds build their own knowledge from experimental results. This process of updating prior beliefs with experimental data and building a theory to explain observations is well known by many scientists as a Bayesian process. This aspect is by the way related to my work as a Phd student !’