Development of scalable spintronic devices

Applications are invited for 1 post doc position opening in July 2017 (fixed term contract of 18 months) to conduct research in the area of advanced spintronic devices.
The proposed research project is part of a CNRS innovation program in charge of evaluating the potential of a new concept of spintronic devices patented at C2N. The research work will be conducted in the Nanoelectronics Department of The Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (C2N,, which is a leading research institute in the Paris-Saclay area with over 400 researchers and 2800 m2 in clean room facilities. The Nanoelectronics Department of C2N covers a broad spectrum of research activities going from the fundamental investigation of quantum circuits to the implementation of multifunctional nanodevices, the development of advanced materials and the study of novel computing architectures such as bio-inspired circuits. This project will benefit from collaborations with the University of San Diego and New York University in the framework of a recently launched international associated laboratory where C2N is an active participant and in collaboration with SINGULUS technologies in Germany.
Potential candidates should demonstrate expertise in a relevant area of spintronics. Experience in materials science, domain wall dynamics, nanofabrication and magnetic characterization is highly desirable. The candidate will also participate in the business evaluation of this innovative technology. In this context, motivation for entrepreneurship will be considered an asset in view of a possible R&D senior position in the newly created start-up company SPIN-ION Technologies.
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