Liza Herrera Diez

I have an interdisciplinary background in physics and chemistry. From 2003 to 2007 I studied physical chemistry at the National University of Cordoba (Argentina) and from 2008 to 2010 I conducted my doctoral studies at the Max-Planck Institute for Solid State Research while enrolled in the physics doctoral school at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. During this time I performed studies on magnetic domain wall dynamics and magneto-transport in devices based on diluted ferromagnetic semiconductors (DMS). I also designed and realised the concept of light control of magnetic properties in DMS devices by surface functionalisation with organic dye-molecules. From 2011 to 2012 I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Institut Néel in Grenoble, where I worked on electric field control of magnetic anisotropy and domain wall dynamics in ferromagnetic nanodevices. Since 2013 I am a CNRS researcher at the Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies, my main scientific interests are oriented towards the control of domain wall dynamics in multifunctional nanodevices using magneto-ionics and interface engineering.


Phone: (+33) 1 70 27 04 00


Selected publications:

‘Multiple Magnetoionic Regimes in Ta/CoFeB/HfO2’

R. Pachat, D. Ourdani, J.W. van der Jagt, M.-A. Syskaki, A. Di Pietro, Y. Roussigné, S. Ono, M.S. Gabor, M. Chérif, G. Durin, J. Langer, M. Belmeguenai, D. Ravelosona, and L. Herrera Diez, Phys. Rev. Applied 15, 064055 (2021).

‘Magnetic domain wall curvature induced by wire edge pinning’

L. Herrera Diez, F. Ummelen, V. Jeudy, G. Durin, L. Lopez-Diaz , R. Diaz-Pardo, A. Casiraghi , G. Agnus, D. Bouville, J. Langer , B. Ocker , R. Lavrijsen , H. J. M. Swagten, and D. Ravelosona. Appl. Phys. Lett 117, 062406 (2020).

‘Non-volatile ionic modification of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction’

L. Herrera Diez, Y.T. Liu, D. A. Gilbert, M. Belmeguenai, J. Vogel, S. Pizzini, E. Martinez, A. Lamperti, J. B. Mohammedi, A. Laborieux, Y. Roussigné, A. J. Grutter, E. Arenholtz, P. Quarterman, B. Maranville, S. Ono, M. Salah El Hadri, R. Tolley, E. Fullerton, L. Sanchez-Tejerina, A. Stashkevich, S. M. Ch\érif, A. D. Kent, D. Querlioz, J. Langer, B. Ocker and D. Ravelosona, . Phys. Rev. Applied 12, 034005 (2019).

‘Enhancement of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction and domain wall velocity through interface intermixing in Ta/CoFeB/MgO’

L. Herrera Diez, M. Voto, A. Casiraghi, M. Belmeguenai, Y. Roussigné, G. Durin, A. Lamperti, R. Mantovan, V. Sluka, V. Jeudy, Y. T. L i u , A. Stashkevich, S. M. Chérif, J. Langer, B. Ocker, L. Lopez-Diaz and D. Ravelosona, Physical Review B 99, 054431 (2019).

‘Wire edge dependent magnetic domain wall creep’

L. Herrera Diez, V. Jeudy, G. Durin, A. Casiraghi, Y. T. Liu, M. Voto, G. Agnus, D. Bouville, L. Vila, J. Langer, B. Ocker, L. Lopez-Diaz, and D. Ravelosona, Physical Review B 98, 054417 (2018).

‘Electric field controlled domain wall dynamics and magnetic easy axis switching in liquid gated CoFeB/MgO films’

Y. T. Liu, S. Ono, G. Agnus, J.-P. Adam, S. Jaiswal, J. Langer, B. Ocker, D. Ravelosona, and L. Herrera Diez, Journal of Applied Physics 122, 133907 (2017).

‘Ionic-liquid gating of perpendicularly magnetised CoFeB/MgO thin films’

Y. T. Liu, G. Agnus, S. Ono, L. Ranno, A. Bernand-Mantel, R. Soucaille, J.-P. Adam, J. Langer, B. Ocker, D. Ravelosona, and L. Herrera Diez, Journal of Applied Physics 120, 023901 (2016).

‘Controlling magnetic domain wall motion in the creep regime in He + irradiated CoFeB/MgO films with perpendicular anisotropy’

L. Herrera Diez, F. García-Sánchez, J.-P. Adam, T. Devolder, S. Eimer, M. S. El Hadri, A. Lamperti, R. Mantovan, B. Ocker, and D. Ravelosona, Applied Physics Letters 107, 032401 (2015).

‘Electric-field assisted depinning and nucleation of magnetic domain walls in FePt/Al2O3/liquid gate structures’

L. Herrera Diez, A. Bernand-Mantel, L. Vila, P. Warin, A. Marty, S. Ono, D. Givord, and L. Ranno, Applied Physics Letters 104, 082413 (2014).

‘Electric-field effect on coercivity distributions in FePt magneto-electric devices’

L. Herrera Diez, A. Bernand-Mantel, O. Michele, L. Vila, P. Warin, A. Marty, L. Ranno, and D. Givord, Applied Physics Letters 102, 012409 (2013).

‘Ferroelectric control of magnetic domains in ultra-thin cobalt layers’

Z. Huang, I. Stolichnov, A. Bernand-Mantel, J. Borrel, S. Auffret, G. Gaudin, O. Boulle, S. Pizzini, L. Ranno, L. Herrera Diez, and N. Setter, Applied Physics Letters 103, 222902 (2013).

‘Low depinning fields in Ta-CoFeB-MgO ultrathin lms with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy’

C. Burrowes, N. Vernier, J.-P. Adam, L. Herrera Diez, K. Garcia, I. Barisic, G. Agnus, S. Eimer, J.-V. Kim, T. Devolder, A. Lamperti, R. Mantovan, B. Ockert, E. E. Fullerton, and D. Ravelosona, Applied Physics Letters 103, 182401 (2013).

‘Magnetism and carrier modulation in (Ga,Mn)As/organic-dye hybrid devices’

L. Herrera Diez, M. Konuma, E. Placidi, F. Arciprete, A. W. Rushforth, R. P. Campion, B. L. Gallagher, J. Honolka, and K. Kern, Applied Physics Letters 98, 022503 (2011).

‘Complex domain-wall dynamics in compressively strained Ga1−xMnxAs epilayers’

L. Herrera Diez, R. K. Kremer, A. Enders, M. Rössle, E. Arac, J. Honolka, K. Kern, E. Placidi, and F. Arciprete, Physical Review B 78, (2008).