INTEGNANO is centered around an integrative and multidisciplinary approach to the development of novel charge and spin based devices. We combine expertise in nano magnetism and electronics, material science, circuit design and innovative computing architectures. Our research interests go from the study of fundamental phenomena to the design of novel devices with potential for technological applications in information processing and storage. INTEGNANO’s main research activities include the experimental study of magnetic domain wall dynamics in multifunctional nano-devices and the design of logic architectures and bioinspired computing schemes based on charge and spin controlled devices.

INTEGNANO exists within the Nanoelectronics Department of the Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (C2N), a leading research institute in the Paris-Saclay area with over 400 researchers and 2800 m2 in clean room facilities. The C2N is a joint research unit of the CNRS and Paris Saclay University. C2N covers a broad spectrum of research activities including material science, nanophotonics, nanoelectronics, nanobiotechnology, microsystems and nanotechnology. In all these fields, research activities cover the full range going from fundamental to applied science.

In addition, C2N is a member of the International Associated Laboratory (LIA CNRS) on nanoelectronics launched in 2015 and in which INTEGNANO is a key partner. The primary goals of this international associated laboratory are to promote advances in new emergent physics and concept designs for low power nanoelectronics devices and efficient computing architectures as well as to provide high level education of the next generation of scientists and engineers in nanoscience.